Nearly one year ago I began my Forged Nutrition journey. My goal was to transform my body composition and live a healthy lifestyle. I thought my goal to reduce my body fat below 15% in 12 months was a bit aggressive; I hovered around 20% body fat despite frequent workouts and what I thought was "healthy eating". Thanks to Coach Amy and Forged Nutrition, I have completely changed how I think about food. Instead of eating on impulse, I nourish my mind, body, and soul based on my body's needs. In doing so, I fuel my body to meet my body's real demands and my desired body composition.

Over this year-long journey, these healthy habits have become second nature. I make healthy choices routinely and the results are more than I could ever have imagined. I achieved my goal of less than 15% body fat in 6 months. I can count my abs which I haven't seen in decades.

More importantly, I received incredible news from my Doctor. After 10 years using Statins to control cholesterol, my Doctor informed me I no longer need them. Forged Nutrition has taught me how to eat in a way that maintains my cholesterol in a healthy range without prescription medication. This is a truly amazing yet unexpected result of this life-changing program.

The best part of Forged Nutrition's program is that this lifestyle is sustainable and ENJOYABLE. I now easily maintain body fat at or below 14% with little effort. I eat wonderful, healthy, whole foods and see frequent gains at the gym. I've never received so many compliments about how I look.

Thanks Coach Amy and Forged Nutrition for leading me to a medicine-free, healthy, sustainable lifestyle!!

Ken Helgren

 Ken repping out pull-ups in the gym

Ken repping out pull-ups in the gym